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Friday, July 12, 2019


Dentists commonly recommend the removal of wisdom teeth. While our goal at All Coast Dental is to preserve a patient’s natural teeth whenever possible, we recognize that wisdom teeth sometimes cause particular complications. Among these is an increased risk of pericoronitis, inflammation around a dental crown.

Wisdom teeth are the largest teeth and the last to erupt. They often push through in the late teen years, after the patient’s jaws have solidified and the rest of their teeth are no longer as mobile. Consequently, wisdom teeth tend to get stuck. A tooth that is unable to push fully through the gum line is called “impacted” and wisdom teeth tend to get stuck half-emerged. They are often partially covered by a flap of gum tissue, called an operculum, that becomes a trap for food debris, resulting in pericoronitis.

Although a pericoronitis infection may be cleaned, it will likely recur. An operculum can be cut away, but as long as the impacted tooth remains, it will contribute to misalignment problems and be difficult to brush. We offer safe, efficient extractions and will carefully monitor pediatric patients to determine whether their wisdom teeth will become problems.

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