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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Dental Bridge for Tooth Replacment

An open space in a smile can cause hygiene problems, functional problems, and it can really alter the way one’s smile looks. Replacing a missing tooth is important. Here at All Coast Dental in Pacific Beach, CA, one of the options we have for tooth replacement is a dental bridge.  

A dental bridge is a popular option for tooth replacement that has been around for a long time. They are able to be made to fit in with the rest of your teeth, so the restoration is not obvious or even detectable! To apply a dental bridge, we attach the replacement tooth to two crowns that are attached to your existing teeth.

In order to place a bridge, first we must prepare the surrounding teeth. The teeth that are adjacent to the open space will act as the foundation for the bridge. They are reshaped so that a dental crown can fit on each of them. Next, we take an impression of the teeth and the surrounding area so a dental laboratory can create a custom bridge. The bridge, again, consists of two crowns and a replacement tooth in the middle. There are also options for when there is only one tooth next to the open space. During the creation process, you will wear a temporary bridge. This creation process may take a few weeks. When the permanent bridge is ready, we cement it into place.

To re-complete your smile, a dental bridge may be the perfect option. To schedule your consultation with All Coast Dental of Pacific Beach, CA, call us at (858) 270-4909 or visit our website,

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Full and Partial Dentures at All Coast Dental

Dentures are a popular and effective way of replacing missing teeth. At All Coast Dental in Pacific Beach, CA, we offer several options for dentures. We want to stress to our patients how important it is to replace teeth and give them several options to match their lifestyle.

Replacing teeth is about more than being able to chew. Our teeth help us talk, laugh, smile, and convey emotion. They even help keep the structure of our jaw and face! When they go missing, the jawline slowly begins to deteriorate, making facial muscles sag. This often makes patients appear older than they are.

In our Pacific Beach, CA office, we offer full and partial dentures. While partial dentures are like removable bridges, full dentures replace all of the teeth in the mouth.

If you are missing most or all of your teeth, full dentures are a great option for you. They are made to bring back the best-looking and most fitting smile to you. They are available to be placed conventionally or immediately, for our patients’ convenience. Dentures give you back that ability to talk, laugh, and eat confidently. When taken care of just like normal teeth, they can last a very long time.

If you are missing some, most, or all of your teeth, dentures should be an option for you to consider. To schedule a tooth replacement consultation with All Coast Dental in Pacific Beach, CA, call our office at (858) 270-4904. Appointments may also be set up through our website,

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Dental Bonding for Natural-Looking Restorations

It is nice when there are tooth restoration options that also keep cosmetics in mind. That is exactly what we have here at All Coast Dental of Pacific Beach, CA when we offer our patients dental bonding. Dental bonding is a dental procedure used to correct damage and imperfections while improving upon one’s smile aesthetics at the same time.

When there is a crack or chip in a tooth, for safety, functionality, and for the sake of a nice-looking smile, dental bonding is used to smooth over the chip or crack and make the tooth appear as good as new. Dental bonding can also be used for gaps and misaligned teeth. In addition, bonding can be used to whiten teeth for a long time.

To apply dental bonding, your dentist will etch the surface of your tooth. This is to create tiny grooves that the composite resin will bond with better. The composite resin chosen will match your tooth color so that it blends in with your smile and the restoration is not noticeable. The resin will be shaped over the imperfection or painted over the surface of the teeth for whitening. A light is used to harden the resin which is polished afterwards. Polishing the tooth makes it shine like a normal tooth. In one simple appointment without major surgery or dental work, your smile is fixed.

If you are concerned about your smile or want a smile upgrade, schedule an appointment for a dental bonding consultation. To schedule, call All Coast Dental of Pacific Beach, CA at (858) 270-4904 or visit our website,